Random thoughts on things that matter to me. Put here so I don’t forget. And I might learn from you as well.

Disclaimer: I teach at Lock Haven University, but the thoughts expressed here in my personal blog are my own, and do not reflect that of the university at all.


  1. hello, where was this picture at the top taken?

    • I don’t know. I used one of the WordPress “themes” — I think that is what they are called. Check their design page. Thanks. GD.

  2. Hi there. Love your blog posts. Many of my own interests are reflected here… Let’s pretend that the photo is of ancient Greece, since we are both getting so much out of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. That’s how I found your blog! I’ve re-posted your entry on the subject & added you to my blogroll.


    Goddess speed,

    • Thanks! Yeah, the Romans were on to something, weren’t they? Thanks again. GD.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for photos of the Susquehanna frozen over. I grew up in Lock Haven ages ago, but live further downstream in Northumberland now. I was hoping to get some live footage today, but down here it’s just floating slush, and not enough ice for usage in the
    William Stafford poem I was hoping to do a video of.

    I found your pictures from 2010, of the river and what looks like Little Pine Creek State Park. Do you have any other photos of the river from that time, and would you be apposed to my using them in a YouTube video? I don’t make any money from that stuff. I just enjoy recording poems and sharing them. You can find links over at my blog if it interests you.

    Very glad to find you here, by the way!

    • Sure, please feel free to link to the photos. These are just pictures that we take; you are welcome to link to them. So you grew up in Lock Haven, eh? Small world. Good to meet you. I look forward to reading your blog and hearing your William Stafford poem. Thanks. GD.

  4. Hi sir, I am a translator working on the book” The Bridge of San Luis Rey” and trying to translate it into my native language(Persian). I have encountered a problem and wanted to know if you can help me or not. If liked please contact me at: Alirezadourandish@gmail.com…thank you

    • Sure–feel free to ask me — I will try and help, if it is something I know. Thanks. GD.

  5. Are you aware of Pushkin’s Secret Journal 1836-37? Outstanding book. I got it from amazon

    • Yes, I am actually. I read parts of it here and there once from a friend. I thought the parts I read very interesting–though it reads like erotica, and there is a certain vulgarity in it, here and there, there are also passages and thoughts of profound beauty. I never felt like reading the whole thing though. Thanks, GD.

  6. Hi Gayatri devi,
    Can you please tell me where how can i get an english translation of the novel Yakshi by Malayatoor Ramakrishnan. I need it very soon and i live in India.

    • I apologize, but I have no idea where to purchase a copy of a translation, if it exists.You might want to check with booksellers. Thanks. GD.

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