Posted by: gdevi | January 23, 2017

A good semester

The spring semester started today. Old faces and new faces. The English upper level looked like the fall grammars class; I started looking for students in “their chairs.” Funny! It was wonderful to see everyone; most students agreed that the break was too long. They are ready to be back. Good classes. I look forward to working with you all this semester. Already, it looks like a sleepless semester for me. So much work.

ps: I was at the bank parking lot and it was raining heavily, when a woman with a pronounced limp walked up to me. Hi how are you, she asked. I said, Good. How about yourself? I asked. She said, I am walking now. Oh, I said. Were you hurt? I asked her. A black truck ran over my feet, the woman said. Really? I said. That is terrible. In Lock Haven? I asked. No, up in Beech Creek, the woman said. Did you get it looked at? I asked. I should, the woman said, but I haven’t. Well, maybe you should, I said. Meanwhile, it was raining hard. I had an umbrella. The woman was getting wet though she seemed oblivious to the rain. Well, you take care, I said. You too, the woman said. I started to walk away from my car. My name is Candy Warren, the woman called after me. I turned around and said, okay, hi Candy. Pray for me, will you? Candy called to me. Of course, I will, Candy, I said, I will pray for you. I have to go now, but you take care, I called out to her. I looked back from the foyer when I was inside; she was limping her way amongst the parked cars in the pouring rain. Strange encounters in Lock Haven.


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