Posted by: gdevi | December 28, 2016

Brazos River et al.

We took all the kids to Brazos Bend State Park today–it is about an hour and a half from Appu’s house: 249 South, Beltway 8 West, and 59 South, to Brazos Bend State Park.  We saw the Brazos river. It is very pretty big sky Texas country. We took three cars for the 17 of us. I drove one of the kid caravans. The youngest –Dev–was 4 years old and the oldest–Ketaki–was 20 years old–and all ages in between. All the kids and all the adults enjoyed the park–the walking, the wading birds, and the alligators. We must have seen at least 25 alligators, countless birds, snakes and turtles. We stopped counting after a while. We walked nearly seven miles. It was 81 degrees in Houston today. A beautiful day to be outside. We had a nice picnic in the park with all kinds of bread, cheese, meats, fruits, and the surprise pick of the day–smoked salmon! Who knew kids loved smoked salmon?



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