Posted by: gdevi | December 4, 2016

Tournament Day 3

The red carded team did not get disqualified–nobody knows why–and they played our girls this morning. It was incredible. The coach was there on the field coaching. We couldn’t understand. Maybe it was just as well since the recruiting coaches from universities were there and they got a chance to see the professional comportment of that team. Anyway they played our team. Our girls scored one goal in the first half. They scored two goals in the second half. Our girls played incredibly well. Awesome game. They beat that team hands-down. You know, you don’t have to play dirty, and say eff you to the referee, and call the players of the opposite team “bitches” to win a soccer game. I have not seen a more unpleasant, disrespectful team in this tri-state area so far.  The way the girls on that team mouthed off to the referees was just unbelievable. Our coach told our girls that each one played their personal best in this game; it is true. Even with one player short–with Callan sitting out because of the injury–our girls played so incredibly well. Well done, team! We are proud of you.

I brought everyone home and dropped them all off–gave all the ER things to Callan’s mother; I hope you get well soon, Callan, and ready to play in the next game. The girls slept most of the whole way back. They were exhausted, but good exhausted. You did extremely well.


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