Posted by: gdevi | December 2, 2016

FCUSA tournament Day 1

After teaching today I brought Dayani, Callan and Tara to the FCUSA Philadelphia Turf College Showcase soccer tournament. It is in Chadds Ford, PA: Andrew Wyeth country. I have been up since 3 this morning grading and working blah blah blah so what is new. Anyway I am exhausted. The girls as usual have gone downstairs with all the other STN girls to the pool. What will the world do without pools, I wonder? The other Lock Haven parents are downstairs; I sat for a bit with them and then came back to the room. I want to sleep. In all of last week, I have probably had an average of about 3 hours of sleep per night–I am teaching 5 classes (overload) and 3 independent studies, and I had so much grading, reading, and writing to do this semester, it is not even worth mentioning. So anyway, I am going to sleep. The girls don’t play at 8 tomorrow morning, so I can sleep for a little bit. I am hungry but sleeping is more important than eating. The girls ate all kinds of junk mostly chicken fingers and other dead meat in the car. So they are okay. I am ¬†relieved that I am finishing taking these sulfa drugs today; two weeks ago I had contracted MRSA–the doctors said that I could have picked it up from any contaminated surface at school. I have never been so sick in my entire life. But these sulfa drugs kill everything–the good the bad the ugly. The bacteria — they are all dead. Goodbye. Anyway I am done with the two week regimen today. So there is much cause for breathing a sigh of relief. I cannot wait for the semester to be over. Good lord–what a semester.


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