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English 280 and English 405 Extra Credit

English 280

Phonetics and Phonology Unit Test

Extra Credit

Total available points: 10 points

Study the following pairs of cognate words. Briefly discuss (no less than 3-4 sentences) the phonological changes involved in the derivational processes shown in these examples.  Use correct terminology for phonemic characteristics and the grammatical classes to which these words belong. Use your morphological knowledge to discuss the phonological changes. (3 points) 

sign – signature

paradigm  – paradigmatic

design – designate

resign – resignation

Divide the following words each into its constituent syllables [σ ]. Transcribe sounds into IPA. Show the onset (O), nucleus (N), and coda (C) of each syllable. (4 points)





Transcribe the following words into IPA according the way you pronounce them. (3 points; half a point each)







English 405

Grammars Unit Test 1 Extra Credit

Total Available points: 10 points

Extra Credit Assignment Prompt

Write a conversation between two people that utilize the following grammatical constructions. For each test sentence that utilizes a particular construction, underline the construction and label it parenthetically.

Sample conversation

Jean: Mark, what a lovely boat you have on your head! Is it fox fur that I see sticking out? (exclamatory clause and interrogative clause-non-canonical)

Mark: Thank you, Jean. I can’t believe you forgot that it came from your estate sale!  (non-canonical negative polarity and subordinate clause)

Required constructions ( 1 point each). Write your conversation in any tense. All conversations must include the following specific grammatical constructions. 

1. Non-canonical clause with extraposed subject

2. past participle of the verb “miss”

3. to-infinitive form of the verb “imagine”

4. “the green alligator” used as a direct object

5. “the economist” used a subject complement.

6. a ditransitive sentence

7. the modal auxiliary “must” used with an epistemic meaning

8. a gerund participle of your choice of any verb, verb tense or aspect

9. “smoke” used in preterite tense

10. “organize” used in past perfect tense.


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