Posted by: gdevi | October 15, 2016

APSCUF Strike Preparations

The final negotiations for a fair contract for the faculty of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is taking place this weekend in Harrisburg: Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th.

Read APSCUF press release here with the latest update:

On Monday 17th, faculty members in all 14 universities will be moving our personal effects and intellectual property out of our offices in the event that a fair contract is not reached. Our LHU picket lines start at 7 am on Wednesday October 19th IF we do not have a fair contract. Faculty have already received the state system generated memos. We will be removed from all LHU systems–payroll, health insurance, server access–if we strike. October 19, 5 am is the deadline for a fair contract and/or the strike.   We don’t want to strike, but we will.

Thanks to all of our faculty colleagues who stand behind this principled job action to stop the state system from destroying publicly funded higher education in the state of Pennsylvania. As for the scabs–the strikebreakers who are planning to cross the picket lines–we encourage you to join your colleagues in this job action to protect the quality of education you provide your students, and the working conditions you create for yourself and your colleagues.

For inquiries, contact Dr. Gayatri Devi, Chair, Public Relations, LHU-APSCUF at

Here is the local newspaper report of the union office move off campus to the Masonic Temple.  The state system proposal mentioned here has some strange numbers.–faculty-union-moves-off-campus.html?nav=5009

With strike looming, faculty union moves off campus
October 14, 2016The Express
LOCK HAVEN – Faculty members at Lock Haven University moved key items from the APSCUF union office on campus to a downtown location Thursday.  . . .
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