Posted by: gdevi | October 6, 2016

Dr. Mark Cloud Interview on 98.7 THE FREQ

Here is a link to Jason Crane’s thoughtful and probing interview with LHU APSCUF spokesperson, Dr. Mark Cloud, this morning on 98.7 THE FREQ. Kudos, Mark, for representing us so well. Thanks, Jason, for the great interview; your thoughtful questions really highlighted the fast vanishing culture of collective action.


For questions, please contact Dr. Gayatri Devi, Chair, Public Relations, LHU-APSCUF at 570-484-2284.


The union had our first meeting at the new location at the Masonic Temple this evening. I always thought Freemasons were like the Da Vince Code or something, but Brent, who is a Freemason has completely reinstructed me on what being a Freemason means. It is a beautiful space: very spacious and if the strike happens and we have to leave the campus, this is a wonderful location. Next week, we are moving Shelley’s office here. So Brent and Peter opened up the place at 6; Rick, Krish and I got there around 6:30; Nic, Lisette, Tom, and others came soon after. There is no white board there so Rick had borrowed a projector from the library to use with his Mac, which did not work; so Krish went and got his projector from his office. We used Brent’s laptop, a PC instead of Rick’s Mac, which surprisingly still had an HDMI port (surprise!), so we were able to present all the strike info Rick, Peter, and I had put together into a slide show for our faculty for the next two weeks. Everything worked, and Rick walked everyone through Picketing 101; then, I followed with how to talk to people about the strike and the key issues involved; then David, who is the Picket Chair talked about the logistics of picketing, and got everyone to sign up. It was a good meeting. Thanks, all.


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