Posted by: gdevi | September 25, 2016

Harrisburg Day 2

Two really good sessions today on being the spokesperson and doing the PR both conducted by Alice Sunshine, the Communications Director of California Faculty Association. Mark and I attended both sessions. Alice and her union colleagues successfully organized and managed the proposed faculty strike at California State University when 26, 000 faculty members across its 23 campuses voted to strike in spring 2016. CSU negotiated a fair contract with its faculty and settled before a strike began. Alice’s presentation was very good and useful. Thank you, Alice, for coming to work with your union colleagues in the north east. Rick Bloomingdale, the president of PA AFL-CIO spoke at lunch; very uplifting speech. All of us in the strike mobilization committee have a lot of useful information we can take back to our campuses in order to get ready for the strike, should it happen. Thanks, Ken, Kathryn, Ty, Monica, Nancy and all other state apscuf staff for organizing this great mobilization meeting this weekend.

It was good for my soul to be with all of my faculty colleagues, working intellectuals, teachers, and scholars, who are fighting this fight to make sure that our students receive a good education, and that our faculty are adequately compensated for the work we do. We don’t want to strike, but we will.

I got back around 3pm; now I have to grade 48 essays and write a book review. Time to catch an hour of sleep and then get to work.


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