Posted by: gdevi | September 24, 2016

Harrisburg Day 1

Here is the link to apscuf petition.

Please sign and circulate amongst your groups:


All of us in the strike mobilization committee (I am the PR Chair for LHU Executive Council) are here in Harrisburg for the legislative assembly and strike mobilization meeting. Yesterday, the chancellor rejected the union proposal for a binding arbitration which would have concluded the negotiations and resulted in a contract. It appears that the system is not interested in negotiating a fair contract. So the union has set a strike date of October 19th. We will continue to negotiate with the system in good faith for a fair contract, but if we do not get a fair contract before October 19th, all 5500 faculty in the 14 universities will be at the picket lines on October 19th. I got here this morning but many of my colleagues arrived yesterday. Most of us in the EC are here: Stan, Erin, Mark, Rick G., Rick L., Tim, Denise, Philip, Laxman, Susan, David, Katie, Peter, Brent. There must be upwards of 200 apscuf Executive Council and mobilization committee members here at this Harrisburg Red Lion hotel.

Today we heard some wonderful speeches and engagements with our union chief counsel Stuart Davidson, Frank Snyder of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO , and attorney Amy Rosenberger. Stuart is a labor lawyer, but unlike many labor lawyers, Stuart only works for labor unions. It was uplifting to hear Stuart speak. “You educate the future of PA. You create the pathway to critical thinking necessary for the survival of our democracy, ” Stuart noted. A million workers stand united with you, Stuart told us.  Stuart received a standing ovation from the audience. Frank Snyder from PA AFL-CIO also gave a rousing speech: “Your fight is our fight,” Frank said at one point. Attorney Rosenberger gave a quick overview of the legal aspects of striking in Pennsylvania. Our union president Dr. Ken Mash also gave a wonderful speech; Ken has worked tirelessly for faculty ever since his tenure as president started. A real mensch. Thanks, Ken, for all you do for us.

A real historical moment for labor history in the United States. We are part of American Labor History now.


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