Posted by: gdevi | September 6, 2016

Ballots and Burgers

Today, the faculty union APSCUF paired with the PA chapter of AFL-CIO and held a Ballots and Burgers voter registration event on campus. We, faculty in the union Executive Council, worked the voter registration tables, and registered many students to vote in the local and national elections in November. The AFL-CIO labor union staff brought the burgers and they cooked the burgers and hot dogs in front of the Stevenson library, while the faculty talked to the students and encouraged the students to register to vote. Peter, Erin, Laxman, Mark and I worked the 2:30pm-4pm shift. We registered a lot of students; I was pleased with the turnout. We also answered student questions about the possibility of a faculty strike. We take the strike authorization vote tomorrow. The students were understandably concerned on our behalf to hear that we have been teaching and coaching without a contract for over a year now. We gave students the right information about the potential for a faculty strike, and encouraged them to write to the chancellor and the governor to give the faculty and coaches a fair contract and to avoid a potential strike. We are about 5500 faculty who teach a total of 107, 000 plus students at the state’s 14 different universities. We are the largest provider of good public education in the state. And this is what the System wants to destroy. They need to hear from the students. I think they will. A good event. Thanks, AFL-CIO.


On a totally unrelated note–

On hearing just now that Phyllis Schlafly has died, a friend noted that we should not speak ill of the dead and say only good things when they are dead.

So this is what he wrote: “Phyllis Schlafly is dead. Good.”



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