Posted by: gdevi | August 20, 2016

Jesse (2001-2016)


Jesse died this morning around 5 am. She suddenly went into decline on Tuesday; I noticed that she was in a lot more pain than usual. We called and got an appointment with Dr. Livingstone for this coming Monday. About an year ago now, Jesse had gone into decline with a form of degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia and arthritis. Apparently German Shepherd breeds are susceptible to all three. Jesse was a German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix; a most wonderful dog with the most dignified temperament and personality. Jesse was on pain medications for her myelopathy and arthritis. At first she could walk with difficulty, though her hind legs had gone into a form of paraplegia, and then about 8 months ago, she could not climb the stairs. So K bought an army cot and started sleeping in the living room; Jesse could not be away from K. About two months ago, Jesse could still walk with difficulty even though her hind legs were very weak. I used to massage her everyday. Yesterday, for the first time in her life, Jesse would not eat. I knew she was leaving us then. Jesse always fought and was a dignified dog. When she stopped eating, I knew she was getting ready to leave us. She drank a lot of water when K fed her water around 8 in the evening. K gave her her pain medication and she settled down. K checked her through the night. Jesse did not struggle at all. She died quietly this morning in K’s presence, whom she loved most in this world. She was a big, gentle, dignified dog. German Shepherd breeds are brave, loyal, beautiful dogs. She was the only dog that I know who would never jump on you or lick you. She ate food from your hands very tenderly and gently. She never asked for anything. She was K’s best friend. Jesse lived a long, good life; 15 years in dog years, and 93 years in human years. The saddest thing about dogs is that their lives are so short compared to humans. If I could ask one thing of god or nature or a higher spirit, I would ask that dogs’ life spans be made much much longer than what they are now. She went with us everywhere in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Quebec. A dog of great character, dignity and gentleness. Around 6:30 this morning K and I took her to the Centre county emergency veterinary services for cremation–the same place where we took Sally–since Dr. Livingstone is closed today. Rest in peace, Jesse.  Thank you for enriching our lives with your love, dignity and loyalty. Love you and miss you so much. Gayatri.


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