Posted by: gdevi | August 6, 2016

UND Women’s Center Petition

Please see the petition below. I am a UND alumni; if you are a current student, faculty, staff, or alumni, please consider signing the petition. Please pass along the petition to those who might be interested.


As rushed decisions have been made about the relocations of the UND Women’s Center and International Centre, urgent concerns have developed. As stakeholders (students; neighborhood property owners; faculty; staff; alumni; and area citizens), we want

· An increase in transparency regarding how these decisions were made

·  Understanding of future plans for UND’s Cultural Centers

· Defined vision for the abandoned space

Click on the Link below to see the full petition and sign in support

Note: We want all members of this community who are passionate about the Centers and the relocations to be given the opportunity to be involved. Therefore, if you know of someone who does not have technology access to the petition, please include them: circulate them a hard copy to sign and/or offer them a ride to the meeting when announced. If you have questions or need to know where to send hard copies, please contact Makayla at or feel free to directly contact UND administration.


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