Posted by: gdevi | July 19, 2016

Haul them off!

Since my daughter is at soccer camp and K is working on his work things — no UK and Europe trip this year — and as Kunji noted about the Brexit “Hit the road, Union Jack/ don’t you come back no more no more no more no more” — I cleaned the garages today. Since it is pretty hot during the day, I started cleaning the garages around 5 and finished around 11:30 at night. We have three garages and they are full of stuff. Many are unopened boxes from Dallas from when we moved from Texas to Pennsylvania in 2005. Nobody has opened them in the last 11 years. Obviously our daily lives have suffered no setbacks whatsoever without the contents of these boxes. So I decided I would trash them. I am not nostalgic, and I am not sentimental, and I really have no attachment to things. So it is very easy for me to give up things.

I wanted to clean the garage specifically so my daughter can park her car in there. I didn’t want to create a heart attack for K or D, so I opened all the boxes to check if there was anything in them that looked like K or D might need them. I put those aside for them to check. I had lots of boxes all the way from UND and UTD and I bagged all of them. I had even kept calendars from 1990 to 2005–good lord, why? I looked at all those calendars. I have a habit of writing everything down on the calendar, and I remembered each notation as I looked at them. I can reconstruct my life by looking at the calendar. I bagged them all into trash and recycling. I only kept my grad school class folders, and some work folders from UND and UTD.

Then I found three things that I took with me to keep for another 11 years. One was my name tag from when I worked at the UND Women’s Center. The other was from India — the vet’s prescription for when amma and I had taken our dog Mickey to the vet as she lay dying. The vet’s name was miraculously Dr. Easwaran; Easwaran in Sanskrit means God. We took Mickey to God for one final look. Mickey had died later that day. But I had brought that last prescription with me–1987– from India when I came to the US in 1990. Amazing that I found it today. I will keep it. Then I found a bunch of house keys from all the folks for whom I used to house sit or dog sit when I was in grad school: the Beards, Libby Rankin, the Brekkes, Sharon and Lucy, Kathy and Alan. They had all given me their house keys. I had written their names on the key rings and kept them all together. The keys have no real use now, but I think I will keep them.

Other notable finds: shed snake skin in the third garage; my Giro Italia bicycle helmet, which I thought was lost; and some great gardening gloves.

Everything else–I bagged for either trash or recycling. Nine contractor bags full of stuff.  The garages look super clean and spacious now. I hung up all the tools, and all of my gardening things nicely. Then I took a bath, and ate some warmed up spanakopita, and drank some ovaltine at midnight. I feel so tired now.


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