Posted by: gdevi | May 8, 2016

Albany Day 3

The girls played two games today. It was pouring rain this morning and I dropped them off at the fields at 7:15 am for the warm-ups. I went back and sat in the car to wait out the rain. Around 7:50 I got out of the car and started walking to Field #5 where the game was. One of those soccer officials who was riding around in those golf carts saw me traipsing across the fields in the pouring rain and offered me a ride and dropped me off at field #5. That was so kind of you; thank you, soccer person. Just before the game started, the girls brought carnations for Mother’s Day to all of us parents who had gathered in the pouring rain huddling under umbrellas to watch them play. The soccer federation had made these flowers available to all the teams. And there are hundreds of teams playing here today. That was so sweet of them. Dayani gave me a carnation, and sweetly enough, Callan gave me her carnation as well. Callan’s mother was unable to be here; it was my turn to carpool the girls. Thank you, Callan.

The girls played the first half of the game in pouring rain; it was incredible. But they played incredibly well–both defense (good work Alyssa!) and aggressive scoring–some wonderful corner kicks. They won the game 2-0. It was totally awesome. We came back to the hotel and dried their uniforms and socks–they were soaking wet. The girls put newspaper in their cleats to suck out the water. After they dried their uniforms, we all went back to the fields for their 11 am game. The rain had slowed down to a drizzle, but god almighty, the wind was merciless. The wind was hard enough to bend you in half. And it was bone chillingly cold. I went back to the car and got blankets and stood there in the soggy ground covered in the blanket. The second game was against a NY home team. During the entire first half of the game, the wind was against our girls. But again, they played incredibly well. Actually, they were awesome. It was an incredibly tight game, and the coaches had warned us that if it tied, they would either go into overtime or go into penalty kicks. But in the last ten minutes of the game, our girls scored two awesome goals. Two totally awesome goals, one after the other. It was just wonderful! All of us cold, shivering fathers and mothers in our soggy shoes, jeans, rain jackets, and blankets could not have asked for a better mother’s day present. They won by sheer good playing. Beautiful passes, strategic hustling, powerful kicks, and great forward play; great team work. The girls wanted food right after the game, so I took them to get some sandwiches. Now they are resting in the hotel lobby. The next and final game is at 2:10. They played five games and won four this weekend. Good work, kids; proud of you.

9:45pm update.

We left Albany at 3:30 and got back to LH around 9:15pm. I took Callan and Tara home. We would have reached sooner but the girls wanted a couple of breaks in between; they were running all day. They played six games and won four; their club, North Penn STN placed second in the tournament for the U16-17 bracket. Good work, kids–you played very well in pouring rain and high winds. I am completely tired. I want to sleep. I have never longed for my bed as much as I do now. I have to do a training for the women’s shelter at 9:30 tomorrow morning; I have to wake up around 4:oo and work on that. Thank you, dear lord, for this bed and for the few hours of sleep.


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