Posted by: gdevi | May 6, 2016

Albany – Day 1

I finished my last final at 2pm, came home, quickly packed, went to the high school and got Dayani, Tara and Callan, and drove five hours to Albany. They have a soccer tournament tomorrow and Sunday. I bought all of my grading stuff with me; grades are due Tuesday morning, and Monday I have to do a training for the women’s shelter in town. Albany is a four and a half hours drive from Lock Haven; 80 E, 81 N, 84 N, and 87 North via Binghampton, all highways and a toll road through upstate New York.  This is the route we take to go to Montreal. It is a scenic drive and once you enter the Adirondacks it is quite beautiful. Even with the highways and the toll road, it took us five hours because of the rain. In the car, I had to listen to excruciating songs for five hours. My dear girls, why are you torturing your ears with this crap? Now we are at this Hampton Inn in Clifton Park. The tournament is at the Clifton Commons.   The girls have gone downstairs to check out the hotel and find the rest of the team. This is a nice clean room with a fresh linen smell with two queen size beds for the four of us.  What a relief. The girls ate on the road; I bought a couple of pears with me. I am going to eat that now. And make myself a cup of hot tea. I am so tired; I don’t think I can grade tonight. I think I will read for a while and go to sleep.


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