Posted by: gdevi | May 2, 2016

The great thunderstorm

It is wonderful; the great thunderstorm is here. Near 3 in the morning, the sky crackled and rumbled; silver splinters across the sky swashbuckling to deafening drum rolls for the descending avalanche of rain. It was incredibly beautiful to lie in bed and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder and the unstoppable cataract of water submerging everything. No night, no day, no sun, no moon–only rain. Come on, rain, come on. Oh, to stand above the rain and watch it fall down! Who wants to walk between raindrops when you can feel the magnificent rain dissolve the boundary between your manmade skin and nature?  A real rainstorm reminds you that you are part of the universe like the soil, the trees, the plants, the stones.  Amidst useless manmade things, the rain is a mighty glimpse of the eternal nature surrounding us.


Today was the last day of teaching. Final exams start tomorrow. It was very sweet today–I was about to leave from work when there was a knock on my office door. I opened the door; it was my student Jordan. Dr. Devi, my mom is visiting me and I wanted her to meet you, Jordan said. That is so sweet, Jordan, I said. I had a good visit with Mrs. Corman. He talks about you a lot, Jordan’s mom said. Oh, I said; Jordan is a good student. Thank you, Jordan, for bringing your mom to see me.

To mark the official end of the semester, I came home and made some vegetable biryani for everyone. And egg roast that my daughter likes. And baklava for dessert. I made extra of everything so I can bring some tomorrow for Nic and Lisette. Nic and Michael, and Lisette and Mark like biryani. Now I am gonna stretch my legs and watch something awful on the telly for a little bit and then read a novel. Nic just got me Michael Cunningham’s The Hours and Lisa Genovese’s Still Alice. I will wake up early tomorrow and start setting the exams.

Tracey went to New York this weekend, and got me some baklava from the halal bakery in Brooklyn. The most wonderful sweet in the world!


Deadly egg roast; if you don’t like spicy thai chili, you will die.


Vegetable biryani; mild and heavenly.



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