Posted by: gdevi | April 25, 2016

Finals and misc.

It is finals week next week. I must have met with at least thirty students today on top of teaching my classes. I had non-stop meetings with students who wanted everything checked before the finals week and they turn in all their submissions. Thank you, all, for working so diligently on your courses. Good luck with everything.

ps: It is surprising the kind of things students note. Today two students told me that they loved the top I was wearing. Oh, my Indian garb, I told them. So they told me, Dr. Devi, we love your clothes. We always talk about your clothes. We like your fashion. Fashion!!! Me? I told them. I am like a dog–I take a bath, shake my hair, and I am done for the day. We think your clothes are beautiful, they said. Yeah, I told them–India has great textiles.

I feel incredibly tired. I feel parched and my throat feels dead. I told Nic that what I want is to eat some pear with some honey, sit somewhere with my legs stretched out and sleep by some windowsill in the sun. I wish I could work on my gardens. All my plants have come up. Everything in the yard and my garden is green and blooming. I want to clean out my vegetable bed, fertilize and compost it.

At the Salvation Army, the kidlings were going swimming today so I came home directly after the student wave was over for the day. Thankfully I cooked yesterday–rice, chapathi, daal, vegetable kurma, egg roast, chicken curry–so everyone has something to eat. I just want to curl up somewhere and sleep. But I cannot. I have to grade more things. I am starring in Office Space. 

So I am going to watch a few Saturday Night Live clips.

This one

and this one

and this one



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