Posted by: gdevi | April 21, 2016

Obituary: Prince (1958-2016)

Irrelevant Record Labels

** FILE ** Prince, with the word “Slave” written across his face is shown performing in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza in this July 9, 1996 file photo. Recently a number of superstar acts are rejecting traditional multiyear album contracts with major record labels in favor of deals that offer bigger dollars and more creative freedom. (AP Photo/Richard Drew/FILE)

So much work, so much grading, but I want to acknowledge the passing of the artist formerly known as Prince. I like the music of Prince. Like Chuck Berry, Prince was a black man with a white man’s voice and played like a white rock star. I love the way he slips so effortlessly between a straight white tenor/baritone voice and an erotic falsetto. I intensely dislike the standard pop and disco dance music with the exception of Prince who played dance music like rock music. Since Prince strongly guarded his music online it is hard to find worthwhile clips on YouTube etc, but if it were possible to find it, I would have linked I wanna be Your Lover here as a terrific rock dance music.  I guess that is what we will remember Prince for in his music: beautiful rock and jazz improvisations. I know Tipper Gore found Prince’s lyrics vulgar and wanted the parental advisory label and stuff put on it, but when you really listen to Prince’s lyrics, there is nothing offensive in them; they are often comical. Some of these songs by men and women asking to get laid repeatedly as if their life depended on it is so much more ugly and bullshit to the ears than anything Prince ever sang. Darling Nikki masturbating in the hotel lobby? It is like a little burlesque skit. It is really funny.

I am sure Tipper Gore is not impressed by this, but in a way, I am pleased that it is very hard to find Prince’s music online for folks to rip off. If I could have found it I would have remembered Prince with perhaps my favorite song by Prince: Under the Cherry Moon from that awful movie. It is a beautiful song. When Prince sings without that erotic falsetto, he has that high lonesome sound, sort of like a real tenor. It is very beautiful.  Rest in peace, Prince. You are in the arms of the cherry moon now.



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