Posted by: gdevi | April 20, 2016

Good capstones

The graduating WGS students did their final capstone presentations today for Celebration of Scholarship. Excellent work, Kathleen, Taylor, Bre, and Lindsay! Kathleen did her capstone on the women editors, scriptwriters and directors of the silent film era in Hollywood. Kathleen made a documentary on the topic. You did very good work, Kathleen! Taylor did her project on the female gothic — she did an excellent job charting its course from the 18th century to its variants through the decades up to the psychological gothic of the new century. Very nice work, Taylor! Bre and Lindsay presented their project on the various models of development in sub-Saharan Africa and their effects on gender equity. Excellent work! We had a very good discussion after the three presentations. I want to thank all the faculty colleagues who mentored the students: thank you, Karen, for your excellent guidance of Kathleen’s project; Todd, your expertise as a cultural geographer on Africa made Bre’s and Lindsay’s project wonderful; and Nic, you did a wonderful job with Taylor on the gothic genre. Thank you to the teachers and the students.

There are some good term projects this semester: I look forward to reading J’s project on discourse analysis and political rhetoric of conservatives, liberals, and radicals. I am also looking forward to L’s project on product placement in popular music–popular music actually names particular brands of things to buy — cars, trucks, alcohol, cigarettes etc — much of popular music actually names things you can buy: Fords, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, Corvettes, Mercedes Benz,  Buicks, Courvoisier, Adidas, Google etc.  Musicians are working for businesses.  It is one big distasteful sales pitch disguised as music. It is a big advertisement.  I normally don’t listen to such songs at all–they have nothing for me. But I had to listen to a whole bunch of them to work with my student.  All I can say is, go sell your stuff somewhere else.   I really look forward to reading your paper, Lin.

More scholarship updates: Genna’s oratory presentation was excellent. History of western oratory with sample readings and speeches. You did very well, Genna. And you had so many references to so many things about India in your list of social justice texts that you made me homesick! Thank you for inviting me. I greatly enjoyed your talk. All good wishes,  my dear child.


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