Posted by: gdevi | April 2, 2016

Conference days 1 and 2

March 31, April 1, and April 2nd collective updates.

There really isn’t much to note down when your heart is full.

Two days packed with incredible panels, papers and presentations. From 9 am to 9pm. I am tired, but good tired.

Elinor Gadon.  Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum. Cristina Eisenberg. Donna Read (the film director). Terrific keynotes. Donna screened her new film Yemanja. Pure and beautiful movie. Donna, you have a sweet, beautiful and pure vision of the world. Thank you for the lovely lovely movie.

Incredible panels and papers. I wish I could have cloned myself so I could have listened to all of them all at once.

I saw all the women I love, all of my dear dear friends.

It was just lovely to see Cristina again and spend some time talking. We will meet again soon, I hope, Cristina, insha’allah. Perhaps some day I will get to go track polar bears with you in the Arctic, Cristina, insha’allah.  When I was talking with Cristina–she is a wolf biologist and chief scientist at Earth Watch Institute– it struck me how much I dislike these tours and recreating in “nature.” Nature is not a place for you to exercise and get fit. What is physical fitness without awareness, spiritual humility and respect for the animal world?  The woods are not your gym. They are the homes of trees, animals, birds and other creatures. Cristina had some absolutely stunning stories from her field work with bears and wolves.

The book Marion and I edited for ASWM is now published and it looks great.

Naturally, the missing presence at the conference was Lydia. We hung up Lydia’s prayer flags in all the conference rooms. There were several occasions just to talk about Lydia. We miss you, Lydia, but we know you are now with us in another realm.

My aunt could not attend the conference this year. So many people stopped by and asked about you, valliamma. You were missed.

Tomorrow, we have the board meeting for the Executive Board. Then I leave Boston at 5:50pm and get into Lock Haven around 11 at night. See you when I get back, sweetie. It is good you had a wonderful birthday with your friends.

This is a good hotel– the rooms are good. My friend April shared my room. April wanted to attend the conference but was late in reserving a room, so I told her she can stay with me since my room has two beds.  April is an evolved soul; we had great conversations. The food is wonderful at the conference–salmon, crab cakes, clam chowder, fish tacos– I am listing only the fish things — they were all incredibly tasty.

Thank you, all, for a great great conference. Until next time, arrivederci!


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