Posted by: gdevi | March 25, 2016

A good reading

Thursday, March 24th.

We observed our annual Let Her Voice Be Heard reading yesterday at Avenue 209. It was a beautiful event. There were fifteen readers, twelve students and three faculty. I did the program again this year, so I did not read. Students read their own pieces and pieces by writers they admire. And Genevieve did this wonderful performance and oral interpretation of I Sing the Body Electric. Gen, you made the poem your very own; congratulations! And congratulations on your graduate school admission to Yale Divinity School this fall. Stop by and see me when you visit. God bless and all good wishes.

It was funny; I ordered two bubble teas with boba — a strawberry-banana one for my daughter and a peach-pear-apricot one for myself — to go when I was getting ready to leave. I went to pay and the young man at the counter told me that the bubble teas were free, on the house. Really? I said. Why? It is eight dollars. Why is it free? So he said, you bought so much business this evening with the reading; we want to give you this tea free. Isn’t that sweet? Most of the time, in this world, people are uncivil and unkind. Thank you, Avenue 209 for the bubble teas. My daughter and I found them delicious!

Spring is here; the forsythias are in total bloom. So beautiful. I want to clean up my garden if possible this weekend.


ps: it is so weird–I think there is a paper jam in the printer in the office next door, and from my office the paper jam sounds like just like the trains in India.  A wave of longing to be in India just slam dunk hit me just now.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Mangled computer English update: I was talking to the man who cleans our yard and I wanted these terrible bushes pulled out so I have more room to plant my plants in my garden. I told him that he could “delete” the bushes. Oy!  I should remember this when I teach linguistics when we discuss meaning properties in semantics.


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