Posted by: gdevi | March 17, 2016

Coming around the mountain

March 16.

After teaching today, I took everyone to Hyner View State Park. It was beautiful up there–high up in the sky–nice cool early spring evening and you can see everything for miles and miles. We walked about 6 miles. Shambhu walked with me and kept me company. Every so often he would pick up dried leaves and mud and moss and rub it all over himself. What are you doing, Shambhu? I asked him. I am doing this to throw the bears off, Shambhu said; bears go by scent. I am covering up my human scent, Shambhu said. Yes, you have covered up your human scent very well I said–you smell like moss and dried leaves and mud. When we get home, please take a bath. Shambhu also made a big long stick — he got it from a fallen birch tree. He had never seen a birch before–I don’t think Houston has birches–it must be a northeastern tree. See, Shambhu showed me, I have shaped the end into a spear, so I can attack the bear if it attacks me. Wow, I said. You are fierce, Shambhu.

After we got back we ate more food again–I made some sardines for appu, and the kids wanted pizza. Come and eat the northern pizza, Shambhu told dayani and luma.  There are California, New York and Chicago pizzas, Shambhu, I said. What is a northern pizza? It is the opposite of a southern pizza, he said.

We stayed up most night talking.

March 17th update-

Have a safe drive out to New Jersey, my darlings. Say hello to Ammu and Mickey and Nani for us. Have a safe flight back to Houston Saturday morning. Thank you for the lovely visit. Love you and miss you. Come and see us again soon.


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