Posted by: gdevi | March 15, 2016

Spring Break in Texas

Monday, March 14.

It is spring break in Texas–U of Houston is on break and so is the Houston public school system. So Appu, Asha, Luma and Shambhu are here. They came to New York on Thursday and today they came over to visit us. Oh, it is so lovely to have my brother here. I made chickpeas curry, rice, and fried salmon for everyone for dinner. Then took everyone and Daisy for a walk along the river. Luma was quiet so I asked her, are you cold honey? And she said, no, I am just a little bit in awe. Yes, it is not like Houston, is it? Luma loves Lock Haven, the mountains and the rivers. She tells me that she is going to finish her dentistry program in Texas and then come to the Northeast and open her practice here. Do that, my darling! It is so lovely to have everyone here. Dayani and Luma and Shambhu are having a great time together–I have heard so many farting jokes now–it is amazing why this is the perennial favorites of kids.  Shambhu let me read the novel he is writing–it is about a whole bunch of prisoners in prison and they all get killed while they are trying to escape. One chapter ends with the immortal lines–“he was a dead man crawling.” Shambhu, you are my nephew; my daughter has not inherited my dreadful sense of humor–but you have.  At eleven at night, they all went downstairs to the basement and started to play drums. I am glad the nearest neighbor is an acre away.  I showed Asha where everything is in the kitchen, so she can get breakfast and everything done tomorrow; we have work and school and have to leave early in the morning. Tomorrow when we get back in the afternoon, we are gonna go hiking.


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