Posted by: gdevi | March 10, 2016

Ironic Gunshots #678

Schadenfreude update.

Jamie Gilt, the Florida woman who goes on and on about gun ownership — “My right to protect my child with a gun trumps your fear of my gun” etc — was shot in the back by her 4-year old son who played with a loaded .45 caliber pistol in the back of the car while she was driving. If the kid had shot himself, it would have been suicide, I guess. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Women like Jamie Gilt give me the heebie-jeebies. Like Sarah Palin and the rest of the the gun-toting women lobby, they walk around obstructing sensible gun laws. I hope the monstrous woman will shut up now, and close down her facebook yelling against sensible gun ownership.

Apparently, the woman stated that her four year old son had an “affinity for target shooting.” Wow. Teach the kid to shoot and kill before he can add and subtract. Mortal danger is the way to go. Apparently 194 children were shot to death since the Newtown massacre. What is a kid? You can make another one if this one gets killed accidentally. But you have to give them guns when they are three and four.



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