Posted by: gdevi | March 3, 2016

Concert review: Los Lobos

March 2nd.

The totally awesome band Los Lobos played at the State Theatre in State College this evening. Even though we have to teach early tomorrow, we attended the concert. It was an incredible concert. I love Los Lobos ever since I heard them in the soundtrack to La Bamba. And I hear them on the public radio as well once in a while. I love David Hidalgo’s voice–beautiful tenor voice. Hidalgo does these things with his voice when he sings — and it just makes me go super smiley inside. Gorgeous tenor voice. The man has so much music in him.

They played several of my favorite songs and songs I am hearing for the first time–Gates of Gold was one of the new songs. It is a beautiful song. Another new song was Made to Break Your Heart. All of them are incredible master musicians. I think they all play all instruments. They played several of my favorite songs — Dream in Blue, Kiko and the Lavender Moon, The Neighborhood, Maricela etc, which they followed up with a medley of several blues standards, Tex Mex songs, and cumbia songs. I felt like crying when I listened to David Hidalgo sing The Neighborhood and Kiko and the Lavender Moon. He reminds me of the Sufis you see in India. He is a spiritual man. There is something incredibly pure about him. He stands there with his eyes almost completely closed and sings and plays the guitar and the accordion. Masterful musician. And their songs are the songs of immigrants. They are rather unique and unlike other American songs.  Their song Will the Wolf Survive is a standout song really. Los Lobos means The Wolves.


They finished the concert with two songs that they did not write —Not Fade Away, and Bertha. I love anything that sounds like Bo Diddley’s music so this was music to my ears. And when I heard them sing Bertha, it struck me that here and there they do sound like the Grateful Dead or even Little Feat even though Los Lobos packs a lot more pure power than either Grateful Dead or Little Feat. Los Lobos possess all the qualities of a great rock band in triplicate: dynamic and symphonic loudness, syncopated rhythm, and an expressive rock voice.

During the intermission State Theatre auctioned a Los Lobos guitar signed by all members of the band as a fundraiser for the theatre. The auction was successful with the bid starting at 400 dollars. Someone in the audience finally bought it for 1450 dollars. Somebody in State College owns a Los Lobos guitar.

The standing ovation made the band return after they finished playing for an encore. Naturally the encore had to be La Bamba. It was so completely sweet. Everyone sang along. This was an incredibly wonderful concert. Just like the John Fogerty concert, I will remember this concert till the day I die. Totally awesome.

ps: If there is any one Beatles song that Los Lobos was made to sing, it was Tomorrow Never Knows. I am probably the only person who has really written about Tomorrow Never Knows for my Beatles article in the new book that is coming out about the Beatles. It is all the same aesthetic–Los Lobos and the Beatles.


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