Posted by: gdevi | February 29, 2016

Graveside #2

I was tutoring my third graders at the Salvation Army after teaching this evening, when L told me that it was her mom’s birthday this weekend. My mom is going to be thirty years old, she said. Then she asked me, Miss Gayatri, how old are you? I am fifty years old, I told L and M. M threw her arms around me and said, Miss Gayatri, you are as old as my grandma! You are the same age as my grandma, M said. That’s cool, isn’t it, I said. But you don’t look like a grandma, L said. Why is your daughter in the high school? L asked me. You know, I got married rather late by regular standards, I told M and L. And I was 35 when I gave birth to my daughter, I told them. I did everything rather late in life, I told them. I was studying and then I was working. So that is why your mom is turning thirty this weekend and you are in third grade, and I am fifty and my daughter is in tenth grade. Does that make sense, I asked them. I was one of those behind-the-times people who studied and worked all the time, I told them. So I am actually a grandma; I just look like a mom,  I told them. They started laughing; they thought that was funny.


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