Posted by: gdevi | February 24, 2016

Incredible Rain

There is an incredible rainstorm here–it started while I was on my way back from work around 4. I had to go to the grocery store to pick up stuff for my daughter and it was just incredible. When I die, what I would miss the most would be the sound of rain. I love rain. It was so incredibly beautiful. I couldn’t even see enough to drive so I had to wait it out at the grocery store. I stood there and watched it pour down in cascades. Isn’t it amazing that in this world saturated with man-made noise, the sound of thunder is like the voice of the mountains? The creamy steel flash of lightning slicing up the sky has nothing to do with you or I. Everyone should see a thunderstorm at least once in their lifetime to comprehend how different nature is from our world. I wish I could wake up to rain every day. I did too–in India. When I was growing up, monsoon was sometimes two months long. Everything was much much more beautiful after the rain than before the rain. In India, my bed was near the window and though mother always reminded me to close the window when it rained, I would leave it open. And the thick splendorous rain blew its cool drops inside my room ducking down under the awnings to dampen my pillow and face. Ah, it was so beautiful to lie there and read The Brothers Karamazov and eat an omelette made by someone other than myself.  Ultimate heaven!

Tom Jobim, Aguas de Marco


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