Posted by: gdevi | February 16, 2016

Snow Day Closing

The university and the school district are closed today. It has been raining ice all night and all morning. It is not cold enough for snow and that makes it more dangerous. My daughter went back to sleep. I have been up since 4 like I always do and I got so much work done — department newsletter EL sent out, augmentations reviewed and posted, the letters for ASWM done. Life before email was so serene. It takes me almost two hours to read all the emails and respond to them. Anyway, I appreciate this snow day because I am able to catch up on all of this stuff. I have massive amounts of grading to do -two exams  and a set of papers to grade- a perfect day to catch up on grading. I also have two book reviews to finish–one for Hypatia and the other for NDQ. I hope to read at least a 100 pages of each today. Thank you for closing the university.


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