Posted by: gdevi | February 10, 2016

My Martha Stewart Moment

I don’t have a single craft bone in my body, but I decided to organize my earrings — I don’t normally wear any jewelry–an earring sometimes–so friends give me earrings. But I am a neat freak. So I organized them.


I took an old photo frame and took an old sock, cut it open, and stretched it across and put the frame back. Because it is wool, you can loop the earrings through the wool weave. Eh, voila! Earring holder. I must have seen this in a dentist’s waiting room. I showed this to Nic, and she loves it. Watch out, Nic, SueAnn and Lisette–you will all be getting an old sock in a photo frame for next Christmas!



  1. Dr. Devi – this is so clever! I plan to duplicate this for my earring collection.

    • Yes Cassidy what the world needs now are sock-frame earring holders! Hope you are well. Dr Devi.

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