Posted by: gdevi | January 7, 2016

Dream 3875

In my dream I am in a beautiful garden. It looked like my sun garden that I made but much much bigger, say a field or a meadow made up of my garden–like those meadows you see in Kulu and Manali in the valleys of the Himalayas. There is a deer in my garden. In my dream, I know that I am that deer. In fact, at times the deer has a deer’s face. At times, the deer has my face and a deer’s body. The deer has a big beautiful antler. The deer is standing still in the middle of this vast meadow of a garden. The flowers are all very bright like in a postcard. There are beebalms as tall as oak trees. In my dream, I, the deer, look over my garden and I see these newspapers falling from the sky. I, the deer, watch while the newspapers cut all of my flowers down. The newspapers fly up and cut down my beebalms. In my dream, I, the deer, then take down my antlers–I have these beautiful antlers on my deer head–and keep them in this hole that is in the ground deep enough to completely cover my antlers. Then I lie down in that hole with my face in my antlers and I see that my antler has become a tree with white flowers. In my dream I know that someone had tried to kill me, but I know that they could not kill me because they could not get past the antlers guarding the cave where I lay.

I have very rarely dreamed directly of me, and this is one such dream. Deer in dreams are always a good omen. Remember the scene with the beautiful white stag with the antler in SnowWhite and the Huntsman?  In that movie, this beautiful deer with the antlers bows down to Snow White–the deer is emblematic of everything that is pure and good in nature– just as the parasitic queen’s henchmen kill the deer. Then the dying deer turns into butterflies. I was incredibly affected by that scene because it was like the Kantian sublime. Great violence rendered powerless by a force that you cannot imagine or control.

I think my dream was influenced by this movie. And in that sense this is a good dream. The key symbol in my dream is obviously the deer with the antler. The deer is a totemic animal. The function of an antler on a deer is to create absolute space around a deer that cannot be breached. The antlers of a deer is the protective space around the deer. There are two binary symbols in my dream–the garden and the deer in one string; and the newspaper in the other string. The garden in this dream is my karma–the net fruits of my actions–what I have done with my mind, with my hands, in this life. Newspapers are the opposites of gardens. Newspapers feed on the detritus of the world and are scavengers of the world. Gardens are creations. Gardens are aesthetic. Newspapers run on the muck and mire of this world. So this is a good dream in that it is symbolically telling me that my solitude, my introversion, my mind, my creations, my hands, my karma, the space that I have made around myself because of who I am and what I do will protect me like the antlers of a deer protect it. A good dream.

The reindeer goddess of Siberia.



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