Posted by: gdevi | December 21, 2015

Pomegranates and Oranges

3pm update: Since Luma drives now, she took us all to the University of Houston campus to show us her alma mater. Beautiful campus. Bigger than UT Dallas and not as big as UT Austin. Dayani is thinking of schools in the Northeast because that is where her friends will go, but we told her that she should also apply to Texas schools–Texas has great universities. Some beautiful buildings. Lots of Live Oak trees–made me really miss Dallas! When I think of Texas I think of Live Oaks–especially the way southerners say “Live” — with a low, front, unrounded vowel. Everyone took a picture with the cougar Shasta–U of H is Go Cougars! We were there for a few hours–walked all over the campus. Then Luma took us to this wonderful Pho restaurant in downtown Houston. Delicious! When we got back, Shambhu and I played scrabble. I want to beat an English professor, Shambhu said. I won. Too bad, buddy–better luck next time! I love you, Shambhu!


It was around 10 when we got into Houston last night, so I was not able to check out Appu’s agricultural adventures till this morning. Brother, you have done well–pomegranates and oranges. Totally awesome! Both the pomegranate and the orange bushes have fruits on them. I intend to check them out later. It is raining here now. I expected to die in the Houston heat–but it is actually quite nice–sort of like parts of India right now. It is so wonderful to be at Appu’s house. I always feel so blessed that Appu and I were born as siblings. Luma looks more and more like me now, and she talks exactly like I do. Amazing. Shambhu is a mix of Appu, Asha and me. I told Shambhu that I am getting him a dictionary for Christmas!!! He ran away! The kids are now crashed asleep somewhere upstairs. It is so good to be here. I am going to see all the dumb movies and eat all the good food that Asha has made.

ps: I should note that in Chicago at the airport, I finally had to sit and listen to a television show that was about Kim Kardashian. I have never dedicated even one second of my life to Kim Kardashian up until now. I mean I didn’t have the remote and it was our gate so I could not run away: I was the captive audience. Isn’t it amazing that you can have television shows done on you for absolutely nothing at all? What is this woman? Nothing. Nothing at all. The networks who run such shows are taking the path of least resistance because it sells: put on shows about women whose claim to fame are their breasts and butt and how made up they are and how many times they have sex. Easy money. Amazing what sells for television.

Shambhu’s comments: Luma is telling us about a class she took this semester — she is on the Public Health track at the University of Houston this year — The Biology of Food. She told us that as part of the course they had to visit these head-to-tail restaurants where the chefs use every single part of an animal–they waste nothing. Shambhu’s comment: “So does this mean that if you kill a snake, you will also eat the poison”?

Shambhu, you are my darling!


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