Posted by: gdevi | December 19, 2015

Brown Christmas- Fields of Cotton Look Wintery White

My Lament for the Missing Snow (sung to the tune of I will have a Blue Christmas)

I will have a brown Christmas without snow

I will be so blue thinking about snow

Decorations of red on a green christmas tree

Won’t mean a thing if there is no snow on the real trees.

And when those brown leaves in the front yard start heaving

That’s when the blizzards from past years become so pleasing

There is snow in Alyeska, there is snow in Big Sky

But I will have a brown brown brown brown Christmas.


More brown christmas to come; I have to do laundry, clean house and finish packing. We are leaving for Houston tomorrow to spend a real snowless Christmas with Appu. I look forward to perpetual feasting for the next several days.  No presents this year for anyone except the really little kids–nobody needs anything. But lots of food, movies and good company. I hope to see A LOT of movies and read detective novels!!! I hope when we return on the 31st it would have snowed in PA.

Merry Christmas, y’all!



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