Posted by: gdevi | November 19, 2015

Birds in War

I had no preferences for any of the names–Sun Dogs sounded too metaphorical and Rough Riders sounded sexually vulgar–it is unfortunate what bad music lyrics can do to mere words — all the songs where men and women ask someone to ride them —  but friends told me to vote for Fighting Hawks so I did. UND alumni get to cast their vote for the athletic name — and apparently, Fighting Hawks has won. Hey, I voted. (And I should note that Peter Johnson is now the VP of University Relations–I had met Peter and his brother in Madison when I went to see Kris shortly before he passed. Congratulations, Peter!) Personally, it sounds belligerent to me–I was thinking something like Soaring Eagles– but I guess “fighting” is the operative word here for a sports team.  Friends told me when I was in GF recently that the issue has deeply divided the community with folks sporting the Fighting Sioux memorabilia everywhere — lawn signs apparently — as if it was the end of the world. Well I hope everyone will take a deep breath now and let the Birds Fight.  You know, hawks are the preferred raptors to kill coyotes; Native American mythology is full of coyote-hawk stories. Here is one such story. Notice Joni’s wings.


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