Posted by: gdevi | November 7, 2015

Interview with John Fogerty

An interesting interview from Daily Beast with John Fogerty here.

Here is an excerpt: you know, I had always wondered about the same thing. A great question to ask–thank you, Daily Beast.

The real relationships are always the consciously made ones.

You were just a kid from the Bay Area who somehow had an uncanny ability to channel the swampy, rootsy elements of the South in a very authentic and cinematic way. When you listen to “Born on the Bayou,” you can see the bayou and feel the oppressive humidity. When you hear “Proud Mary,” you can envision the riverboat. How did you develop that undeniably Cajun-sounding voice?

The really true answer is I don’t know. Could it be reincarnation, maybe? I don’t know. The less mystical answer is that I grew up loving the South, having seen it through American culture. I was just absorbing everything and was fascinated by it.

Most of the records I grew up with were by Southern artists. I remember going to the very first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony [in 1986], and I determined that all 10 of the first induction class were from the South. And their music, and American music, was very Southern by nature. I remember sitting there, at the table, looking at all the posters on the wall, and thinking, “Yep, I rest my case. It’s right there up on the wall.”

Of course, I was also fascinated by Southern literature like Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams; and movies and cool people in our culture at the time like Elvis. The folktales like Uncle Remus. I gravitated to all of it. I consumed. And it ended up building a place inside of me that I was able to refer to when it came time to write my own songs.

Happy Birthday, Joni Mitchell!


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