Posted by: gdevi | October 23, 2015

Day 2

It was raining in Moorhead and nice and cool; a good day to be inside listening to good papers. Our panel went fine as well; very nice turn out and great discussion. It was very sweet; at lunch I randomly picked a table to sit at and three others joined me and it turned that they were all Masters in Counseling Psych students from UND. One of them actually is a GSA at the Women’s Center. She looked at my name tag and she asked me “are you the friend Kay said is coming to Grand Forks?” Yes, I said, and Samantha said, well, I work with Kay at the Women’s Center; she was telling me about you. It was very sweet. I told them about the many years I lived at the Women’s Center; those were some of the best years of my life. I inventoried and catalogued every book in that upstairs library. I made the labels for the spine. I love that house. It will be locked but I am going to go check it out tomorrow. Kay is at some sort of workshop or she would have opened it for me. I am going to visit the Beards and then walk around and look at the campus. When I drove in from Moorhead at 7:30 and I took the Demers exit, the place looked different, probably because it was night. I want to see it in the morning. It was so lovely to see Sharon at the Museum. The reading was fine. I met Sherry, Kathy, Pat Johnson, and Kate Sweney,  It was so totally sweet to see Sherry; Sherry and Virgil still live on the farm and they have chickens now along with the sheep. So now I am at Sharon’s and Lucy’s house–they don’t live in that old historic house anymore but in this newer place near Agassiz school. It is very nice. I am in this beautiful basement bedroom surrounded by Sharon’s books and Lucy’s books. I made myself some hot water and Sharon gave me some almonds and an apple to snack. I met Sophie and Tucker — Sharon’s and Lucy’s new pooches after Dreyfus passed — really, you call your dogs Sophie and Tucker? Really–you crack me up, Sharon!  Everyone asked about you, honey. I will get you something from the bookstore with UND on it. I so look forward to seeing the Beards and Kay tomorrow.


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