Posted by: gdevi | October 21, 2015

The Best Part

Here is a review of the bard’s UK tour.

What an interesting day. You know it is possible to work continuously. Work increases exponentially with work completed; I woke up at 4 in the morning and worked on the grant report went to school at 8 and taught and did all the committee stuff; went to state college and got all the stuff for students for the international event next week; came home got supper ready; and worked on the grant again. I feel light headed and my appetite is gone. Now I need to pack and get ready for my conference at Minnesota State University in Moorhead tomorrow. As soon as I finish my morning classes tomorrow, I have to go to state college and catch my flight to Fargo. I am hoping to finish my paper on the flight; I am tired now to work on it anymore.  I am really looking forward to this conference; I have not heard of many conferences looking at all of these new reporting laws, compliance and training that all of us in higher education have to go through now; one should always be suspicious when the carceral state becomes the biggest cheerleader of protecting everyone’s rights. This conference is one of the first ones that I know of that addresses these issues, particularly how university administrations are joining the chorus line with the government and totally trying to implode the work of women’s centers and women and gender studies programs from within.

I lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota for many years and went to school at UND, and I had friends at NDSU in Fargo, but I have never visited Moorhead, MN, which is apparently next door. The nearest airport, for instance, is Fargo, ND. So I am flying to Fargo–I get there at 9  pm tomorrow night. I am getting a car and then I have to find my way to the conference hotel–I have no idea where it is–Courtyard Marriott. But the best part is when all of my conference stuff is done on Friday, I am going to Grand Forks to see my friends.  When I think of home, I think of India first, and of Dallas and Grand Forks, second. My call sheet for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning is all set: I am going to stay with Sharon and Lucy; thank you S and L!  Sharon has asked me to come directly to the North Dakota Museum of Art Friday evening; there is a reading there this Friday evening for NDQ. I hope to see the English folks there–and Nina, hopefully–at the Museum. The Beards, who are on sabbatical and in Minneapolis, said they would drive up to Grand Forks on Friday, so I get to spend Saturday with them. Thank you, M and V! Then Kay and Kathy and I are going to get dinner somewhere Saturday evening. Sunday breakfast with Sharon and Lucy, and then get back to Fargo for my 2pm flight back to Lock Haven. I wish you were going with me, honey; it is a pity that you have school and a game this weekend.They all aksed for you. They even inquired about you. They saw you when you were four years old, when we visited with Uncle Kris and Aunt Veena. Be good with dad, and good luck with the game. See you Sunday.


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