Posted by: gdevi | October 17, 2015

Fruits of my labor

I woke up at 4 this morning to work on my grant report. Daisy always comes down with me and lies in the living room with me when I am up at these weird hours. I worked continuously till 11 am when my daughter and her friend Tara came downstairs for breakfast; I made them a nice breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, milk juice etc.  In the afternoon, Dayani and Tara went to the pumpkin patch and K went to work. I continued writing my grant report.  I have so far written 110 pages. It is turning into a novel. I hope the Pennsylvania general assembly will find it interesting.  I notice these days that I need very little sleep. When I go to sleep, I think of this grant. I wake up thinking of this grant. Those of us who work, while you sleep, we arrived at our insights through the fruits of our labor, and not through flights of fancy. I say this to my students all the time; there are no short cuts. I hope something good will come out of all of this work for the people of Pennsylvania.

The soundtrack to the grant report:

Bob Dylan, Spirit on the water 

Louis Armstrong, Within the circle of your arms

Chuck Berry, You Never can Tell

The Beatles, Little Child

Joni Mitchell, Carey

Ella Fitzgerald, All the things you are

Mahalia Jackson, How I got over 

Inti Illimani, Candidos, Sensemaya

The other fruits of my labor, when she was little and my sweet little Sally-



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