Posted by: gdevi | October 16, 2015

English 405 – Noun Phrase Parsing – Answer Key

In the following examples give (a) the function within NP structure, and (b) the category of the underlined expressions.

Answer Key

I have done all the words, not just the underlined ones. The first word is the category or form; the second is the function.

her (genitive pronoun/determiner) interest (Noun/Head) in language (PP/complement)

a(article/determiner) brick(noun/nominal) wall (noun/head)

the(article/determiner) people (noun/head) who need most help (relative clause/modifier)

three(cardinal #/determiner) Canadian (noun/hominal) soldiers (noun/head)

its(genitive pronoun/determiner) many (indefinite measure term/determiner) virtues (noun/head)

a (article/determiner) very(adverb/modifier) useful(adjective/modifier) discussion (noun/head) of the problem (PP/complement)  – a very useful (Adjectival phrase/prehead modifier)

a (article/determiner) person (noun/head) of impeccable taste (PP/modifier)

even (adverb/external modifier) the (article/determiner) director (noun/head)  herself (reflexive pronoun/external modifier) – both “even” and “herself” are outside the nominal “the director” and thus external modifiers

several (indefinite measure term/determiner) things (noun/head) you forgot to say (finite clause/modifier) – the clause is finite because “forgot” is a primary preterite form

a (article/determiner)) Vietnam (noun/nominal) war (noun/nominal) veteran (noun/head) – “Vietnam war” together constitutes the nominal phrase modifying the head noun “veteran”

that (adverb/modifier) large (adjective/modifier) a (indefinite article/determiner) deficit (noun/head) – “that large” together constitutes the adjectival phrase modifying the noun phrase “a deficit” — it is an external modifier since it is outside the nominal; “that” is an adverb modifying “large”


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