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English 405 – Supplementary Take home test

Dr. Devi

English 405

Unit Test 1 – Supplementary Mini Take Home exam

Please copy the following questions and provide all requested responses. Please don’t crowd your responses; space the page correctly. If using a pencil, please use 2B or 3B; avoid using a light pencil. I need to be able to read your responses without killing my eyes.

Divide the following sentences into subject and predicate with a clear bisecting line between the two parts. Please indicate in a brief sentence what syntactic criteria you used to head the predicate and draw the dividing line. (1 point each)

1. Writing is much more premeditated than speaking; we are allowed to mull over our words for an awfully long time before setting them down, and once they are down, on the page or screen, we can look at them, puzzle over them, revise them. (Ben Yagoda, The Sound on the Page)

2. Writers and intellectuals can name, we can describe, we can depict, we can witness–without sacrificing craft, nuance, or beauty.  Above all, and at our best, we may sometimes help question the questions. (Adrienne Rich, Arts of the Possible)

3. What a thrill, what a shock, to be alive on a morning in June, prosperous, almost scandalously privileged, with a simple errand to run. (Michael Cunningham, The Hours)

4. For example, after a year in jail, I’d awaken in a tremble, reliving all the terror, seeing it all again with ten-fold intensity, remembering for days afterward. (Neal Cassady, Collected Letters 1944-1967)

5. In my own imagination, this process of thinking and writing is affirmed by the Buddhist vision of interior arrangement, where one strives to create a particular atmosphere with aesthetic minimalism, with an eye for simplicity.  (bell hooks, Remembered Rapture)

Identify the verb phrases in the following paragraph. Put square brackets around the verb phrases and mark F for finite clauses and NF for non finite clauses. (5 points)

In that kindly light the stained and blistered paint of the bungalow and the plot of weeds between the veranda and the dry waterhole lost their extreme shabbiness and the two Englishmen, each in his rocking chair, each with his whiskey and soda and outdated magazine, the counterparts of numberless fellow-countrymen exiled in the barbarous regions of the world, shared in the brief illusory rehabilitation. (Evelyn Waugh, The Loved One; this sentence is in memory of Dr. John Wilson)

Identify the noun phrases in the following sentences. Mark them NP1, NP2 etc. Then mark their functions: S for subject, Od  for direct object, Oi for indirect object, CPP for complement of preposition, PC for predicative complement –indicate SC or OC.  If the sentence is non-canonical, and contains a subordinate or coordinate clause, mark the functions of NPs for each of the clauses: main and dependent or coordinated clause. (5 points)

1. When you point a telescope at the night sky, the eyepiece reveals stars, planets and galaxies.

2. I am maxed out on maxims.

3. I touched the lines, and they smeared into powder.

4. They called my aeroplanes darts.

5. The dictionary for me is my Scheherazade. (Scheherazade is a wise woman from Middle Eastern literature)


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