Posted by: gdevi | October 7, 2015

The referent

A totally sweet story — Nic told me that they have these sticky alphabet thingies you put in the tub for Jake, so when Jake takes a bath he will point to the letters and say them. He has learned his alphabet now. So when Nic gives Jake his bath she has regular practice words she does with him. A for Apple, B for Bat etc. Anyway, Nic said yesterday she overheard Michael giving Jake a bath and practicing the letters with him. Nic said that Michael uses exceptional vocabulary with Jake– Q for Quinoa. So anyway, yesterday Nic overheard Michael telling Jake “G for Gayatri” “G for Aunt G” !!! That is right, Jake–G for Gayatri, remember that.  It reminded me of the time my brother told me that every time he sees a broom and a dust pan, it reminds him of me. See, I clean everything. I would have made an exceptional maid; I dust the side of the ceiling fan that nobody sees, and above the door casing. I once dusted my brother’s desk years ago and he lost everything he had written down very carefully in the dust!!!


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