Posted by: gdevi | September 20, 2015

English 405 Verb Forms Graded Homework

Dr. Devi

Graded Homework

Due: Friday, September 25

Copy the questions and write your answers. Your submission is incomplete without the question. Write your answers cleanly and clearly. You may work together for the homework, but please understand what you are doing. If not, you will do poorly in the test.

Supply the requested additional forms of the verbs below and use each form in a grammatically correct sentence of your own. For each verb the base form is given. (3 points each)

Base forms – say, see, get, prove, beat

3rd person singular form – ?

preterite form  – ?

past participle form – ?

gerund participle form – ?

to-infinitival form – ?

bare infinitival form – ?

For each of the sentences below, identify and describe the internal grammatical parts of the verb phrase. First, identify the verb phrase and then write out the expanded internal grammatical structure of the verb phrase, clearly indicating the tense, the main verb, the auxiliary verb and any additional particles. (2 points each)

Here is an example done for you for a model. 

#1 Mike was having a late lunch.

Verb phrase: was having

Grammatical structure: past + to be verb + have + gerund participle of have

Tense/Aspect: Past Progressive


1. The post office has installed a close circuit camera in front of the building.

2. The English department is offering free tutoring for Grammars of English.

3. She will be graduating in May.

4. Are you tired?

5. Mark has been skipping classes lately.


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