Posted by: gdevi | September 9, 2015

Jesus got lost in Kentucky

I was trying to avoid this whole Kim Davis thing in Kentucky, what with Sarah Palin asking immigrants to speak American and Mike Huckabee’s and Donald Trump’s *&^*^*&%&^*&^%&&%$%$#@%$#@#$#. But the video of this woman coming out of that jail with her arms raised like some sort of preacher just about did me in. I really wish I could run away from this place. According to Sarah Palin, I really shouldn’t be here to begin with—-the Republicans are already gunning for my anchor child—today while teaching compounding to my Linguistics students I reminded them of this latest neologism–even though I speak American—maybe I should say “fuck” and “Jesus” in the same breath a few hundred times a day. Maybe that would help me speak American.  Kim Davis, your Jesus will smite you down for the sheer hatred, hypocrisy and bigotry you harbor within your mind to fellow human beings. And why in Kentucky does a public official have her own son work in a paid official position as an assistant court clerk? What a freak show it will be when Donald Trump becomes the president. I am so so so tired of everything.  I wish I could run away to some mountain top and hide in a cave where I don’t have to read, hear or see this drivel 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for the next 4 years.

7pm update: Just like that, summer is over. The scorching 90 plus degree weather for the past couple of weeks, including today, has been folded over for the season. Incredibly beautiful thunderstorm here. Ah! Just so so beautiful. I hope my daughter’s away soccer game was canceled–it must be raining everywhere in the region. Such a beautiful evening.


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