Posted by: gdevi | August 17, 2015

A Taste of Tomatoes

Finally, the searing heat of these past few weeks have ripened the tomatoes and I plucked so many this evening after I came back from the hospital. (plus weapons-grade zucchini, lots of jalapeno peppers, green peppers, swiss chard and eggplant–perfect vegetables for a ratatouille) K’s surgery went well; Dr. Armstrong was pleased with the work. I hope K heals well without any complications. The Lucases took care of my daughter when we were at the hospital; thank you Lisa and Kevin. Daisy was sick as well, so I made chicken with rice for her when I got back and the doglings ate everything; they prefer the chicken-rice to the kibbles. Since i tasted dogfood in the Beanboozled game — that was one of the mystery flavors! aargh! — I know exactly how you feel, Daisy and Jesse. I watered all of my withered plants; now they are all standing up and saying hello to the cool evening. I went and picked up my daughter, and now the dogs are quiet and I am finally eating these lovely vine-ripened tomatoes with salt. Delicious; life’s pleasures are few, and fresh, ripe tomatoes off the vine is certainly one of them. I want to get some mozzarella and pick some basil from my garden and make a tomato-mozzarella-basil caprese salad with some olive oil and salt and pepper drizzled on top. Maybe I will; it is not dark yet.


Isn’t this peace? Eating this wonderful tomato salad? After I came back from the hospital, my daughter gave me  a list of things to get at the grocery store for soccer pre-season, so I went and got all of that stuff. Then she wanted spaghetti for the carbohydrate requirement before season training. Now everyone is asleep and I am enjoying my tomato salad. I have decided to eat my tomato salad with gruyere instead of mozzarella. I tell you, this is heaven. Fall semester technically starts on the 24th, but this entire week I have all kinds of faculty meetings starting at 8 tomorrow. Incredible.


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