Posted by: gdevi | August 4, 2015

Young Blood, literally

The vampires are here for real. See new research at Stanford on transfusing young blood into old people so they can live a healthier and longer life without Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer etc. Appalling. I might be the minority report here, but I don’t understand at all why anyone would want to prolong their life beyond the natural point of death with or without Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer whatever? Why?

I am sure all the beggars and street children living out of garbage cans and sleeping on stones in India will be killed for their blood by 90-year old worthless billionaires to prolong their lives. Finally, some monetary use for the beggars! The parasitic queen who needs SnowWhite’s young blood can now just walk in and purchase a jar. What a shocking line of research. I feel so creeped-out just reading about it.  Sometimes I just do not want to be here at all.

Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare (1781)


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