Posted by: gdevi | August 1, 2015

Friends for life and afterlife

A very productive day. I finished the article and sent it, and then SueAnn, Nic, Lisette and I celebrated our birthdays and my promotion at SueAnn’s house. Since SueAnn was the one whose birthday we already celebrated, and it was Nic’s, Lisette’s and mine we were celebrating today, SueAnn made all the food. Our birthdays are not today by any means, but we always celebrate birthdays whenever we get time. The food was incredibly delicious: tomato, arugula and feta salad, spinach and ricotta cheese cannelloni, incredible bruschetta with artichoke and red onion spread, and for dessert, a peach layered tart. It was all so incredibly delicious. SueAnn, you are an awesome cook!!!

SueAnn, Nic, and Lisette gave me this beautiful beautiful potted plant to mark my promotion–and a small metal bird wall sculpture–and Nic gave me a beautiful purple and golden bracelet in a mother-of-pearl box. It looks very Indian; my mother would like it a lot. It reminds me of this piece of jewelry we have in Kerala called kaashumala; very beautiful. Thank you, my dear friends; thank you for everything. Nic, as usual, gave me all kinds of beautiful thingies for my birthday — a gorgeous scarf, handmade purse, an Anna Karenina t-shirt since I love Tolstoy, and several pieces of really awesomely beautiful pottery. Lisette gave me a gorgeous handmade wool long jacket made in Morocco–full of earthy and warm colors–it will keep me warm throughout fall and winter. I have always wanted to visit Morocco–the jacket is the start! SueAnn gave me several pieces of beautiful artifacts made in New Mexico, including a tiny silver relic of Las dias de los muertos. I look forward to a really swell afterlife! Thank you, my dear friends for everything; you spoil me, you know. Nic and Lisette loved the presents I got for them as well.

A beautiful day. I can’t believe it is August 1st–in three weeks I am back in the classroom. I was so pleased today when I was cleaning out my bookshelf and I found my old Gordon Lightfoot CD; I immediately listened to my favorite songs–If I could sing like the poets and kings of this world. What a beautiful song!


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