Posted by: gdevi | July 17, 2015

The Freedom Principle – Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

1. A fine report-review of the current exhibit The Freedom Principle at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art; if it is a traveling exhibit and comes to the Northeast, I want to see this. It features the work of 60s jazz musicians  as they debated a way forward in visual formats. Sounds fascinating. I don’t know much about this genre, but I have always liked what I have heard of Archie Shepp--very very beautiful visceral music. Reminds me of Coltrane, but more colorful; I could listen to it for hours.

2. A British forensic linguist is doing a dialect mapping of curse and swear words across the US; read Guardian’s coverage. Parental advisory: the article is about swear words–there are swear words in the article, and the whole research. It is meant for folks who study this — and not for titillation. I hope he studies the use of “frigging”,” which is hugely popular in central Pennsylvania–everything is “frigging this” or “frigging that,” particularly, amongst young people. Is it a sign of respect for elders or the church? Is it a sign of wimpishness–not brave enough to say the master word? I don’t know.


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