Posted by: gdevi | July 4, 2015


Ammu, Mickey, Nani and Kunji are here for 4th of July weekend. So after a terrific lunch–Krish made beef fry; I made rice, cucumber raita, roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower, and egg roast — everyone started playing Gran Turismo on the PS3. I did not play; I have no aptitude to play video games, let alone, racing video games. The one time I tried to play Gran Turismo with Dayani on the PS3 my Citroen disappeared into the stratosphere looking for the stairway to heaven. So I am the observer. I read the circuit legends on the screen and give everyone encouraging comments — or discouraging, since it is actually backseat driving! Curve on the left! U turn on the right! Sorry, all. So anyway, I am surrounded by Formula 1 racers now. Dayani and Nani have become real good drivers– they have gone all over the world–Germany and Switzerland and France and Tokyo and wherever. Nani is playing the game for the first time but she did extremely well, so Mickey said he would download a racing video game for her. Good job, kids! Then in the evening, everyone wanted to go to the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport for dinner. It is a microbrewery, apparently the best in central PA. I don’t drink, but I like their food. So everyone tried interesting brews while the kids and I had ginger ale. I also had this incredible dish called Toadstool–it is a portobello mushroom topped with shrimp and crab meat and this incredible sauce. Totally awesome! We came back and the kids are playing more video games, while we are catching up. It is so good to see everyone again after such a long break. This is how it was when we were kids; either Ammu and Kunji would come to Trivandrum to our house, or Appu and I would go to Tripunithra to Ammu’s house. Happy, happy days!


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