Posted by: gdevi | June 25, 2015

First crop of the season / Weird news stories

First crop of the season: swiss chard. The steady rain worries me about too much standing water for my tomato plants, but it has been good for the chard. I am so relieved that I did not mulch the tomatoes; the mulch would have ended up keeping too much moisture in. But the rain has been good for the chard. Tomorrow, I will make a nice crustless chard pie with eggs, cheese and sundried tomato for lunch. Some smoked anchovies would have been great, but I couldn’t find any here.


And now, the weird news.

No, I am not talking about the clueless woman who worked in the New York prison who helped the two murderers escape, pretty much bringing the entire state to a standstill and costing the state millions of dollars in police work.  They are now combing the Adirondacks. Hmm. Stupid people. If you think your husband is not paying attention to you, who do you turn to? That is right — convicts who work in your prison work program, men who have beheaded and dismembered other human beings. They are the natural sources of passion. Yup. Amazing.

No, this is the news of the snootiness of Queen Elizabeth who pooh-poohed Germany’s gift to her. Along with that story are other little snippets of gift-giving by and for heads of states. Apparently, in the palsy-walsy days, Saddam Hussein gave Donald Rumsfeld a video of snakes being beheaded and puppies being stabbed. Rumsfeld gave Saddam Hussein golden cowboy spurs and spiked torture hammers. And these people did not have to break out of any prisons–they got to rule entire countries for a long time, start wars and such. Amazing.


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