Posted by: gdevi | June 18, 2015

“Partial Shelter”

Read about the Charleston shooting here. How horrific. It must take such racial arrogance and confidence to walk into a church and commit murder. Apparently, the murderer is in his early 20s–so malignant at such a young age. Coltrane’s Alabama is not historical; it is quite contemporary. Kill Native Americans, kill African-Americans, kill Hispanics, kill Muslims, kill women–boy, what bad karma all around.

“And meanwhile we have gone on living,
Living and partly living,
Picking together the pieces,
Gathering faggots at nightfall,
Building a partial shelter,
For sleeping and eating and drinking and laughter.”

–T. S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral (1935)

Read Gary Younge’s commentary on gun control here. The only way in which peaceful spaces likes schools (Sandy Hook) and churches (Birmingham, Charleston) can be forced to lose their peaceful quality and turned into murder scenes is through the easy access of guns to any and everyone. The intentional killing of children in Sandy Hook, the intentional killing of women in UCSB Isla Vista, and the intentional killing of black Americans by sociopaths are made possible by the ordinariness of gun acquisition and gun use in this country. But of course no one can speak about gun control. NRA would say that if the parishioners were armed then they could have killed the guy before he killed them. It is all so hopeless and fatiguing. What a place! What a life!

John Coltrane, Psalm


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